januari 27, 2014

Hello! How are you all? I hope better then me. The last few days didn't go to well for me. I had a headache for like three days. And when I thought it was over I got an allergic reaction to a face lotion! O.o So yeah, not that good. But I am better now, I hope XD

Something esle now. I really need to write something for my about page. I just find it hard to write something about myself. Like why even did I start blogging? I thing it was because I saw other people do it. And I really liked it that the readers (myself also) always loved what the person blogged. I think that, that was my reason. To make people happy while reading my blog posts.

Now I started wondering what made you started blogging? If you have your own blog. If you have a blogger blog then you probably now the bar on the top of your blog page. You can't see it on my blog, that is because I turned it off. But on other blogs you can see it. And there is a button with 'Next blog'. If you click that you get to see a random blog from someone else.

You see alot of different interests that people have. It's inspiring. Even if you can't read the blog because it is in a different language. People have different reasons to start a blog/website. What was yours? Or what will be yours?

Little note: The pictures are Pusheen the cat. (you can see that in the link). I just love that little kitty. <3 So KAWAII <333

//I AM!

januari 23, 2014

Well hi there! When I was looking at my FB wall I saw an post. '5 'mistakes' that you should never apologize for in your 20s'. And I was like, hey I am in my 20s! So I opened it and started reading. When I was reading it, I saw things that where like almost similar to things that are happening to me. It's weird but it's also like, I know that feeling. That's why I wanted to share this post with you! So here it is;

5 'mistakes' that you should never apologize for in your 20s
Through the craziness of our 20s, there are many things that we will regret or wish we could re-do. There are the countless broken hearts, lost jobs and forgotten friendships that we wish we could fix or mend.

However, we often forget that it is these very mishaps that our generation truly needs. These years are crucial for shaping us into the adults we hope to become, so it makes sense for us to make many mistakes; mistakes are what help us to learn. So, cheers to these years of delinquency!

But don’t take them for granted; to ensure you make all the right mistakes, I’ve compiled a list of things for which no 20-something should feel the need to apologize. Live it up and realize that now is your chance to do everything you want to do.

1. Don’t be sorry for falling in love with everything and everyone you meet.
During these crucial years, people tend to fall in love with literally every new person they meet and every new hobby to which they subscribe. While this love may be fleeting, you should never regret nor feel bad about it.

2. Don’t be sorry for being selfish and putting yourself first.
I often hear my friends complaining about how their significant others or best friends were being selfish by prioritizing personal plans. But that is precisely what people should be doing at our age.

As people grow older, it becomes more difficult to do exactly what we want to do. In addition to inevitable responsibilities, like money and work, other obligations will pop out and tie us down. So, do exactly what you want while you can — and don’t feel bad about it.

3. Don’t be sorry for leaving your good friends and family to chase your ambition.
My friends and family often ask why I moved halfway across the country to live my life. I try to explain that I saw something I wanted and realized I wouldn’t be able to have it where I was.

Whenever they try to guilt me into moving back and dropping my goals, I remember that this is my life and that I must chase my own happiness. No one else will do this for me for me.

4. Don’t be sorry for moving a million different times to a million different cities.
Keep moving from city to city, town to town, until you fall in love with one. Until you’re singing from your rooftop in elation, you should not settle geographically.

Move, pack up, and then move again! You should never apologize for searching for the best place to be the best you.

5. Don’t be sorry for wanting more, ever!
During our 20s, it is completely normal — even expected — never to be satisfied. We are a generation that never settles for less than our desires.

This motivation provides our generation with the power to succeed faster than any generation before. Never, ever, be sorry for wanting more for yourself — no matter who hates you for it along the way.


So what do you say? Do you see similar things? Because I do. And now you know, just be yourself!
This post is written by: Lydia Teffera


Hiii~ It's me again! Did you miss me? lol, probably not haha XD Well I have been busy, and still am, again. I know boring! Sorry. Well I don't have much to tell. I have some post ideas so there are coming more post. I just have to work them out. (when I have the time). Also in my last (short) post I told you about my Bloglovin. You can follow me there! So go on, CLICK!

Uhm so.. This week was alot of traveling. I like it. But when your alone, traveling with the train in the early morning (when it's still dark) for three hours it's kind a boring. And early! You can't really see a thing outside the train.

I know it's suppose to be winter. You notice that because it's dark longer. But more winter you don't see here. It isn't really cold like always, no ice, no snow. It's just gray/ rain sky. No colors in the sky.

Oh something like this! But a little less movement. And rain. Well I need to go back to work. I have a next blog post in my mind. And I think that I will post that one this evening, or tomorrow. So until my next post!


januari 19, 2014

A quick and small post. I have been trying to link my blog and Bloglovin for a while now. And it wasn't working for a while. But I think I got it now. So here is a link if you want to follow me, my blog at Bloglovin!

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januari 11, 2014

I got this song in my head since Thursday. And since I can't get it out of my head, I will terrorize everyone with this song ^/////^>>
It's from a k-pop band Girls Generation. Most of the time I don't really like k-pop or j-pop. But I liked this one. GOOD LUCK! Just kidding! It's a really pretty song. ;P


januari 10, 2014

Did you see? Did you see? I got a new button above! ^^^
I know it isn't the about button.. Maybe I need to write a story about myself first. But neh naaahh! I don't know anything yet. So my new WANTED button. You know I am a collector, in some way. So I liked the button, and my wish list!

Oh and I would say, I AM BACK, for now... hehe
I was busy, maybe not a good excuse, but hey I have my internship! My maybe future! And since it is in Amsterdam (look it up if you don't know where it is!). Let's just say that it is very far from my home town. So I am living in Amsterdam for a few days a week, without internet! D: Big shock there hah?
But for now. I am going to try to fill my blog a little bit more these days. I love to be busy with my blog. And for now I am really happy with my layout design. :D So till next time

Amsterdam very early in the morning!


januari 04, 2014

AAAH! I forgot! I knew it. Sadly.. I have some things to do before my free time is over. It's to late now. Aaaand tomorrow will be busy for me, because I am making my cosplay for the next con! (the first one out of the three I have in my mind. heheehee :3

So for now a pretty song to sleep?

Oh and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! ;3 Oyasumiii <3

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