januari 27, 2014

Hello! How are you all? I hope better then me. The last few days didn't go to well for me. I had a headache for like three days. And when I thought it was over I got an allergic reaction to a face lotion! O.o So yeah, not that good. But I am better now, I hope XD

Something esle now. I really need to write something for my about page. I just find it hard to write something about myself. Like why even did I start blogging? I thing it was because I saw other people do it. And I really liked it that the readers (myself also) always loved what the person blogged. I think that, that was my reason. To make people happy while reading my blog posts.

Now I started wondering what made you started blogging? If you have your own blog. If you have a blogger blog then you probably now the bar on the top of your blog page. You can't see it on my blog, that is because I turned it off. But on other blogs you can see it. And there is a button with 'Next blog'. If you click that you get to see a random blog from someone else.

You see alot of different interests that people have. It's inspiring. Even if you can't read the blog because it is in a different language. People have different reasons to start a blog/website. What was yours? Or what will be yours?

Little note: The pictures are Pusheen the cat. (you can see that in the link). I just love that little kitty. <3 So KAWAII <333

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