april 05, 2014

Okay, so I think you know what this post is about. The movie Frozen! Well, everywhere you see, you can find something about Frozen and the songs. This one is Let It Go. I found this video on my facebook. It's the song in multi language. I always love to hear different disney songs in many languages. This one is really pretty. I love the Japanese and ofcourse the English version. I also like the one in French.

Find here the Japanese version, French and the English one. Which one did you like? And do you like the song in your language? Because I do not like the one in mine. Maybe because I don't like how they translate it. Something I always have with the translation from English to Dutch. (The song in Dutch with subtitles and translation).


april 02, 2014

I am someone who loves to hear, read, see stories. In some stories, like books or movies the characters have something like a medalion, or a ring. When I was searching ebay for cosplay items I came across a brooch. The 'Mockingjay' also known from the books and movie 'The Hunger Games'. I like the movie, but I am in love with the brooch they are using. I think that you can make your outfit of the day even more beautiful with those pretty jewelry.

Some more 'movie jewelry':
The Mockingjay from The Hunger Games
You can find it in a brooch style like in the movie but also as a necklace. If I have money again, I need to buy this.

Hand of the King from Game of Thrones
A brooch in the tv show and book 'A song of ice and fire', but you can find it also as a necklace. I like this one, but I am not that fan of the tv show.

The One Ring from Lord of the Rings
Like it says it is a ring. On the internet you see that most make a necklace out of the ring. I think it's pretty as a ring, but I really do not like this movie or the whole story line.

The Aztec Gold Coin from Pirates of the Caribbean
I love Pirates of the Caribbean! And the gold coin is very pretty! Most of the time they have made a necklace out of it. So pretty I need this one!

The Time Turner from Harry Potter
Do you remember? I think this one is very beautiful. In the movie Hermione uses it as a necklace, but I also saw that you can find it as earrings... I think they are to big.
Well I think I named alot of 'movie jewelry'. Do you know an other? Feel free to leaf me a comment. Maybe I can add it to this blogpost. To finish this post, here under are some of the movie screenshots of the jewelry.

Most seen