januari 23, 2014

Hiii~ It's me again! Did you miss me? lol, probably not haha XD Well I have been busy, and still am, again. I know boring! Sorry. Well I don't have much to tell. I have some post ideas so there are coming more post. I just have to work them out. (when I have the time). Also in my last (short) post I told you about my Bloglovin. You can follow me there! So go on, CLICK!

Uhm so.. This week was alot of traveling. I like it. But when your alone, traveling with the train in the early morning (when it's still dark) for three hours it's kind a boring. And early! You can't really see a thing outside the train.

I know it's suppose to be winter. You notice that because it's dark longer. But more winter you don't see here. It isn't really cold like always, no ice, no snow. It's just gray/ rain sky. No colors in the sky.

Oh something like this! But a little less movement. And rain. Well I need to go back to work. I have a next blog post in my mind. And I think that I will post that one this evening, or tomorrow. So until my next post!

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Yvette zei


Je blog ziet er echt gaaf uit! Ben je meteen terug gaan followen. Ik ben ook nog weinig actief, maar probeer elke week sowieso 1 post te plaatsen en het bevalt me steeds beter.

Inderdaad lang niet gesproken. :o Hoe gaat het met je? :D

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