december 28, 2013

Merry Christmas everyone! I know a little late. But I really wanted to say it. I have been very busy up till now in the holiday. Because I have an assignment for my internship. A photoshoot with my own theme. I chose 'Glitter'! Maybe you will see some of the pictures at the end of my assignment.

As for the pictures above. The last one was our family dinner on christmas day. It was very nice to be all together again. The first one was 'Serious Request' in my home town! They are a charity. Radio DJs stay in a glass house for one week, and try to make alot of money for the sick kids.

It was a fun first week. On monday I will be going shopping! Huraaay! I am so happy! lol. Well see you in the next post! Well not see.. but you know.. I hope.. ;)

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