februari 08, 2014

Yes after a long week of work, finally some free time. And my birthday! I am twenty one now. Up till now I had a really good day. Just being relaxed, and enjoy my day. Got alot of pretty and nice presents already. And I think there will be more tomorrow. Everyone is congratulating me. Even Google!
So thank you everyone! And I see you in my next blog post. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after. But definitely next weekend. Next week is also going to be busy. BUT FUN! Have a nice day/evening!


februari 03, 2014

I really love to see this sometime! Or even to start something like this. It's amazing how they come up with these kind of ideas. I always love Japan for it's, crazy but lovely ideas. What do you think?

Oh and yes it's an other quick update, I just had to post this. Don't you just love cats? But this will be the last one for a while. I am a busy woman!


februari 02, 2014

Whooh, and it is February already! Just like that. January went by like a flash. I have been very busy in the last few days of January. My internship is taking alot of time. I really love it, but I don't have alot of spare time. Also the next two weeks are going to be crazy. The whole working days are like everyday a photoshoot day.

And then next week, February 8, my birthday! I am turning twenty one. So yeah busy busy, celebrating! And then an other week of photoshoots. But It's going to be fun. I just know it.

So for now, I don't know when a next post will be coming, I hope soon. But because of my busyness (>w<) I don't know. I have some ideas for new posts, but you have to wait for more time. GOOD NIGHT for now!

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