Most people have some sort of wish list of things they really want. And so have I! Most of the time it's only for a sort while, and then I forget. (Since my memory isn't always that good, and my wish list is very big most of the time -//w//- )
But I always love to have new things, or find new things. So here is a list of the things that are now on 'my most wanted wish list!'


It, by Alexa Chung
I saw this on a tumblr post and got interested. I don't know alot about this book, but I really like to see it.

The Valhalla Prophecy, by Andy McDermott
I love his books with Eddie and Nina, so in love! I have all his books of the serie, only this one not. So I really like to have this one. (Not that I have finished all of his books yet >//////<)

Heat Wave, by Richard Castle
I know this isn't a real author, but I am in love with the tv show Castle! So when I saw that they really had the books.. Well I think you can guess. Hehehe. (oh and if I like this one, the next ones will follow! XD)


Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Then de one for the 3DS. I really love the story line. I always have watched while someone was playing it. But now I really want to try myself. :3

Super Smash Bros
I love this game! I have it for the Wii (with the GameCube controler, since I learned it that way hehe). I want the new one for the 3DS. I know that it isn't out yet, but when it will I am going to buy it! >:D

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