maart 28, 2014

Oh my! It's been so long! After my birthday my days started to get really busy with my internship and the my report. I also had like 3 or 4 photoshoots. So when I got home, I totally forgot to even blog. On my weekend days I was busy looking for a new study for next year. I am looking for something in photography or fashion. It's really hard, there are so many! But for now I think I have made a selection. And my internship days are over! I only have to finish my report now. And then the next and last project for my graphic study will start. So I think that I will have a little more time to blog.

Oh and for my blog layout: I changed it, again I guess. I made it a little more lighter. A little like 'Less is more'. It will probably change a lot of times, since i like to do that. >w<

My next cosplay project is also started! I am thinking to post my progress here on the blog and maybe on Instagram. So If you want to see what my cosplay is going to be, wait for the blogpost! Go! >w-

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