I am a twenty one year old fashion lover, photographer, blogger, otaku, gamer, Japan freak, collector and book lover who lives in The Netherlands.

herjournall is a blog about 'everything I like, love and see'. And all of want I want to share with you.


Herjournall is like I say on the side a blog about 'everything I like, love and see'. I am a person who collect things, ideas. Sometimes to many ideas. This blog is a place for me to share the ideas, the things I like, love, see. That is also why my blog will change alot. I love to be busy with the design how it will look.

You may call me Saya. I am a fashion lover, photographer, blogger, totally otaku, a little gamer, Japan freak, big collector and book lover. Twenty one and live in The Netherlands. I am in my last year of my graphic design study. And looking for a new study in fashion or photography.

For now this is me. ;)

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