december 29, 2013

Hiiiyaa! I always love to choose a new color for my nails. This time I am in a Christmas Glitter style. It's blueish/green and sparkles so pretty! I bought it in a store here in The Netherlands (Wibra). I don't think you can find the store outside of The Netherlands, but I think you can find a similar nail polish in a store close to yourself.

This one was very cheap. Most of the time the cheaper ones are not so good, but this one really is! So good luck in finding your glitter polish (if you are going to xP). And I think it will be easy with all the Christmas and New Year going on! :D

Oh and something else. Sometimes blogger does strange things with my blog. Most of the time I can make it better. But maybe not for everyone. So I hope if you see it, please say it to me! I really want to make this blog pretty. But blogger isn't always working with me. AND I know myself I am alwasy changing the blog. I am never satisfied with how it looks. XD

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