april 02, 2014

I am someone who loves to hear, read, see stories. In some stories, like books or movies the characters have something like a medalion, or a ring. When I was searching ebay for cosplay items I came across a brooch. The 'Mockingjay' also known from the books and movie 'The Hunger Games'. I like the movie, but I am in love with the brooch they are using. I think that you can make your outfit of the day even more beautiful with those pretty jewelry.

Some more 'movie jewelry':
The Mockingjay from The Hunger Games
You can find it in a brooch style like in the movie but also as a necklace. If I have money again, I need to buy this.

Hand of the King from Game of Thrones
A brooch in the tv show and book 'A song of ice and fire', but you can find it also as a necklace. I like this one, but I am not that fan of the tv show.

The One Ring from Lord of the Rings
Like it says it is a ring. On the internet you see that most make a necklace out of the ring. I think it's pretty as a ring, but I really do not like this movie or the whole story line.

The Aztec Gold Coin from Pirates of the Caribbean
I love Pirates of the Caribbean! And the gold coin is very pretty! Most of the time they have made a necklace out of it. So pretty I need this one!

The Time Turner from Harry Potter
Do you remember? I think this one is very beautiful. In the movie Hermione uses it as a necklace, but I also saw that you can find it as earrings... I think they are to big.
Well I think I named alot of 'movie jewelry'. Do you know an other? Feel free to leaf me a comment. Maybe I can add it to this blogpost. To finish this post, here under are some of the movie screenshots of the jewelry.

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