Game addicted

juli 30, 2013

I'm still pretty lazy today, but I promised ((for those who follow my blog)) a new post. It isn't about my trip to Germany. I think I will post something about that later. But because I am so lazy, hanging all day with my laptop, gaming, reading, watching series will it be not today.

So at the moment I am playing a game. ((that's why the title of this post is 'game addicted')) haha. The game I am talking about is zOMG! and it is from the website Gaia Online. For those who don't know Gaia Online, it was in the beginning ((before I knew it)) a form for anime and manga. Later ((when i started my account)) you had an avatar, that you can make personal. The game zOMG! came later. But it's so much fun. You have kind of RPG with your avatar, new friends, old friends. And fighting the bad things just to level up.

I know it isn't a really good explanation but okay. Just go and check Gaia Online and zOMG! out! 
Also you can add me to your friends! my name is; Saya Arisha Suki So find me and add! Just say you know about me from my blog. ;)

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